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    With the dust settling down from New York Fashion Week, we wanted to give a big thanks to all the models, fans, partners, and presentation attendees.

    In preparation for this season, we looked back to the 2004 “Mainstream-Downstream” presentation by Carol Christian Poell, a fashion presentation format so unique that the clothing itself almost became secondary. In choosing to eschew the traditional runway format, Carol Christian Poell created a conversation topic, one that would allow for an exchange of opinions, arts, and culture.

    For our SS 2019 presentation, we had the unique opportunity of showcasing our collection at the legendary punk bar, Don Hill’s. Championing diversity, the bar has served as a haven for punk artists, queers, and more since the 90s. Often remembered for “Squeezebox” parties or Courtney Love’s outburst and cover of Lady Gaga, our presentation marked the first time the bar has been opened since the passing of Don Hill.

    Based on the Buddhist concept of “Paramita”, which translates into “perfection” or “completeness”, we sought to blend under-appreciated aspects of traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion. Guided by the six methods of Buddhist enlightment, INXX designer COCO.K looked to silhouettes traditional to Western hip hop culture as vehicles for expression. With the art direction of calligrapher Lu Yifei, century old scripture and calligraphy from Master Chengqing and Master Kongyi, the Master Paramita collection blurs the boundaries between East and West, past and future, to create an aesthetic that is distinctly ours.

    Full SS 2019 Master Paramita lookbook below. This collection will be available online and in-store at select retailers soon.

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